Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the required travel documents. The requirements described below are required by government regulations and policies.
They are subject to change without notice

Royal Caribbean International strongly recommends that all guests travel with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the cruise.  

It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents for the entire cruise vacation and have them available when necessary. These appropriate, valid travel documents - passports, visas, family legal documents and inoculation certificates - are required for boarding and re-entry into the United States and other countries.

Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be prevented from boarding their flight or ship or from entering a country and may be subject to fines.

No refunds will be given to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation.

For quick access to relevant information, choose one of the options below:


The following requirements are for sailings from a United States port to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada/New England, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama Canal and Mexico.

United States and Canadian Citizens:

You MUST have one of the following:

- OR -
  • Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) or Trusted Travel Documents. Click here for a list of all approved documents.
  • United States citizens on cruises that begin and end at the same port in the United States can use a government-issued picture ID (i.e. driver's license) AND a government-issued birth certificate or original Naturalization Certificate.
  • Minors under the age of 16 will be able to present either an original government-issued, original or certified copy of his or her birth certificate; a Consular Report of Birth Abroad Issued by DOA; or Certificate of Naturalization issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Note: Baptismal papers and hospital certificates of birth are NOT acceptable. Military identification cards, voter registration cards or Social Security cards are NOT considered proof of citizenship. 

United States Permanent Residents:

You MUST have the following:

  • United States Permanent Resident Card. Click here for additional information.

- AND -

  • A passport from your home country is strongly recommended.

Canadian Legal Residents:

You MUST have the following:

  • Passport from your home country.

- AND -

  • Original copy of your Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), formerly the IMM 1000.

- AND -

  • Multiple entry United States visa (if applicable).

All Other Nationalities:

You MUST have the following:

  • Passport from your home country.

- AND -

  • Multiple entry United States visa (if applicable).

All non U.S. or Canadian passport holders should contact the Embassy (Consular Services) of each country on your cruise or VisaCentral for specific visa requirements, information, forms and fees for your nationality. Visit VisaCentral at or call 800-858-8579. Be sure to reference Royal Caribbean account 44988 for reduced service fees.

It is the responsibility of the guest to identify, obtain and present necessary visas before the start of their cruise vacation. Requirements vary based on the guest’s nationality and countries visiting during the cruise. The following resources may be of assistance to guests in determining if a visa is required:

Please note the most recent visa requirements for non-United States guests sailing on an Alaskan itinerary require a Canadian visa to participate in the cruise. Click here to get more details.



The following requirements are for sailings from a non-United States port to Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, Dubai/Emirates, Asia, and Alaska sailings from Vancouver.

  • All travelers, including children, require a valid passport. For your protection, your passport should have at least 6 months validity from the end of your cruise expiration. For additional United States passport information, visit the United States Department of State travel information website or VisaCentral, a fast and easy solution for all your U.S. passport needs. VisaCentral can obtain passports in as little as one day. Contact VisaCentral online at or call 800-858-8579. Be sure to reference Royal Caribbean account 44988 fro reduced service fees

United States citizens carrying an official (maroon cover) passport must also present a valid diplomatic or personal (blue or green cover) passport.



Some countries that your cruise may visit will require that you obtain a visa prior to arrival. You are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas. If you do not hold proper visa documents, you will be denied boarding without compensation.

Questions? U.S. and Canadian citizens can obtain customized visa information and instructions for all Royal Caribbean cruises at or call 800-858-8579. Please reference Royal Caribbean account 44988 fro reduced service fees.

The following resources may also be of assistance to guests in determining what type of visa is required:

For information on certain visa requirements, please click here. This list applies to citizens from the United States and Canada. You may also contact your travel agent or local Royal Caribbean Office for assistance in determining what visas will be required for your specific cruise vacation.


As detailed in our brochure, all guests must ensure that they are medically and physically fit for travel. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide guidelines as to which vaccinations are required in each country. In many cases inoculations are recommended, but in some circumstances, they are required. We recommend that you check with your health care professional or a Travel Medicine Specialist certified by the WHO for guidance. Other informational resources can be accessed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention traveler's health website or by calling toll-free (877) FYI-TRIP and on the World Health Organization website.

Updated 09/2013